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Choosing the best commuter motorcycle

Choosing the best commuter motorcycle

The honest true is that nobody can say that X or Y is the best commuter motorcycle, but there are some details that can help you decide on what to buy.

Here are some points to consider:

What bike can you ride?
Do you have a full license or just CBT training? If you have your CBT but haven’t got to the full license you will be limited to a 125cc engine – that may not be that bad for the goal of commuting.

How many miles do you have to do and what kind of route is it?
If you are doing many miles a day you may consider a bigger engine, small engines on long trips may not be the best choice. If you are on a CBT you will not be able to go on the motorway but if you are on a full license you need to consider what to go as you will want a motorcycle that can tackle a Motorway

Check Fuel consumption
Your goal is to use a motorcycle to commute and keep the cost lower than public transportation, so you need to make sure you aren’t looking at a motorcycle that drinks petrol like if there was no tomorrow. The longer the route is the less cost-effective the commute will be on a low MPG motorcycle.

Some motorcycles maintenance may be too expensive, some aren’t the best choice for a daily usage that adds thousands of miles per year. Search online for information on what owners mentioned. Shaft driven motorcycles have less maintenance compared to chain driven ones, but may have other issues. Do your research.

Driving position
There are so many styles of motorcycles, from cruisers to scooters, Adventure to Street Fighters, you will need to find your style and make sure that it suits a daily commute. You should try to ride it to get a feel of what it feels like. Some have seats that are way to high, some are too low, others are so heavy and big that it won’t be easy to use them when you are trying to move in traffic.

The Price
Buying a car or motorcycle is never an investment, you always end up loosing money. But if you consider that your buying a motorcycle to commute and to save time and money what you should consider is the value that the motorcycle looses in 1 or 2 years. Check online the cost of the motorcycle new and used, that difference is what you have to consider. Also consider that if you do many miles it will be worth less so you will be loosing more money.

Don’t overlook used motorcycles, they are cheaper to buy that means the you will lose less money from the day you buy it to the day you sell it. Also the investment is lower than a new bike. If you search well you may find some used bikes with low miles and a great price tag.

The riding
It’s a little more complex than the above points, but the issue is that if a bike is made to have its power more evenly distributed you will probably enjoy the ride without too much effort. A motorcycle that is always asking to be ‘Reved up’ is fun for a few runs but on a daily routine you’ll get tired of it.

Very Important
Don’t forget that no matter what you need to like the bike, this is the first bike not the last, but choose one that you like and feel comfortable with.

My Picks
This is a list of some of the most popular motorcycles and that fit most of the above points.


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